Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Our Brand of Romance

The other night (several glasses of whisky in) the boy attempted to be romantic...I think.

We've obsessively been watching 30 Rock recently. One might almost say unhealthily.

"You know, you're like Liz Lemon"

Our delightful heroine

"Umm, what? Are you trying to say I'm funny, or that I'm smart, or always hungry or that I'm just ridiculously awkward?"

"All of those things really....and you're like 10 % him"

Kenneth Parcell, an innocent optimist

" Gee. Thanks...?"

"and I'm like Jack Donaghy"

Wouldn't you want to be him?

Quick retort from me "Sorry hunny, you are so no Alex Baldwin"

"What! How can you say that so confidently? Why aren't I like Jack Donaghy?"

"Give it up, it ain't happening"

"Well actually, you're not mean like Liz Lemon. I think maybe WE’RE Liz Lemon. Combined"

Awwww shucks. I'll take it.

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