Thursday, 22 December 2011

My Productivity Drink

With the start of the holidays I had concocted an incredibly addictive way to start the morning (mainly weekends, but sometimes snuck in during the week). I made my version of an eggnog latte. A yummy oversized cup of espresso with crema, topped up with a healthy dash of eggnog and another healthy dash of coffee flavoured rum that I brought back from St.Lucia. I dubbed it my “productivity drink”.
It worked wonders. Starting my day off with that jolt of sugar, caffeine, fat and alcohol just kick started my body like nothing else ever had. I belatedly realized I might have a problem when I went to make my power drink and found the rum bottle to be surprisingly light. My healthy splashes were, ahem, quite healthy. I’d only been back a month and nearly drunk the whole full sized bottle myself.

It also got me thinking that the ingredients in eggnog from a carton were decidedly disgusting stuff. I’d never liked it before and I only started LOVING it (a little too hard) once I stared adding it to my coffee. So I figured people had probably been making this stuff for a while before Nielsen got involved and I figured I’d make the stuff myself.

A couple recipes later, and having gotten over the hurdle of the idea of drinking raw eggs (I solved that dilemma by convincing myself that the rum would kill any lurking salmonella) I whipped up a batch. (I tweaked this recipe slightly)

And my mind was blown. I had a full on food-gasm as I took my first sip. This is the shit. My mouth literally dropped open in awe after having my first sip.

It also happened to turn a delightful pink since the spice rum I used was red in colour. Bonus!

I think it was a life changing moment.

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