Friday, 18 May 2012

Smooth Moves

Navigating flirtation when in a committed relationship is a tricky subject. I think it all comes down to how you feel about flirtation in the first place…some people are natural flirts and can do so in a fun healthy way that really is a simple social interaction. Others overanalyze everything, are stricken with guilt and are never sure of where the filter should be placed and so become incredibly awkward …I fall squarely into that second camp.

I’ve had moments when I’m with the Boy and have been very obvious that I was attracted to another person. I turn bright red, generally can’t make eye contact with the cute boy, and have difficulty forming a sentence…all while the Boy watches on trying to stifle a mocking grin on his face. It’s ridiculous really.

The other week I was at a work function and a volunteer who works with our organization (who is stupid sexy) was striking up a conversation. I realized that I was actually being rude to him as I was cutting him off and being quite cold...because I thought he was attractive. So incredibly unprofessional of me. Beautiful people have a tough life. I adjusted my attitude and had another encounter with him later on.

He was talking about the colour theory behind the colour red (danger, excitement) and mentioned fast cars and red lingerie (* note I was wearing a red sweater and red shoes).

He then leaned over to me and reached towards my hair, like he was going to gently stroke it away from my face.  My mind raced and froze.

He whispered
“You have something in your hair…”

And I returned, “ Yup, probably just a crumb from the croissant I had for breakfast”

He efficiently plucked the crumb from my hair.

So that’s my seduction tip for the day…take a little bit of breakfast with you.

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