Monday, 30 January 2012


This was quite an emotionally charged, mega whopper of an eventful week.

I finished up my job.

I took a day off.

I started eating healthy again.

The next day I interviewed for and was offered a new position. I accepted. 

I had high tea with the ladies.


I started planning a trip to Chile*

We made some new additions to the menagerie.

I worked * on wedding invites.

I baked 120 cupcakes

And made a mess proportionate to the number of cupcakes baked.

I was surrounded by my lovely bridal brigade who helped me put together invites.

I soft launched my business during International Design week with aforementioned cupcakes. (It was a very soft launch-more on this later)

And then I wrapped up the week with a slothful day of extreme laziness, and too much cupcake eating, effectively killing the healthy eating kick.  

The pups were just as tired as I was.

It was a WEEK, all capitals. And I’m so looking forward to getting more accomplished over the next two weeks before I start my new position.

*The moment I realized I had 6 weeks (!!) vacation time with my new job I immediately started working on my dream of traveling to Chile. NYE 2012 will be spent with some of our closest friends celebrating in a country I’ve been longing to visit for years. So freakin excited.

*By I worked, I mean, I asked my talented friend to draw me stuff and then leaned over the shoulder of my lovely SIL to nit pick details and she patiently did all the hard stuff.

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